Re: Combined DTD - 3.2 + CSS1? (fwd)

Once upon a time Dave Raggett shaped the electrons to say...
>W3C is hard at work to produce a draft recommendation for the next
>version of HTML that does support CSS. See:
>	http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/MarkUp/Cougar

Well aware of Cougar - have been since the first tentative DTD was out
before 3.2 was finalized.  But it appears there is still a bit of discussion
to be done.  Whereas it is a few minutes work to roll two existing, approved
systems together.  It would take me longer, I'm sure, since I'm not an
SGML whiz and I'd have to take it slow to make sure I didn't botch it.
But for someone more familiar it shouldn't be hard.

Heck, before I go off and roll my own - if the W3C isn't doing it, is there
anyone else who has a DTD that is just 3.2 + CSS1?

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