Re: CSS positioning (Re: colours for bullets)

David Perrell wrote: 
> When you put the table inside the paragraph and float it, N and IE
> treat it the same as an IMG, except that it does not have intrinsic
> dimensions. So it appears that the table is then structurally a sibling
> of the paragraph. Which seems to me to be a reasonable relationship.

No,  the table is not a child of the paragraph (I'll take your
correction here from elsewhere),  the table is a floating element and
the paragraph goes around it.  The actually semantics are somewhat
complex,  but possible to describe.

> > otherwise with the bottom of the line.  But it'll be a hack.
> Gross!

I do believe that's my point.  Tables, lists and other things are not
and should not be children of paragraph or header.  It is an
incompatible change to the DTD.  You are,  however,  welcome to suggest
things which enable us to format output to look like Netscape.  MSIE
does this as does our browser.  Be assured that I,  at least,  don't do
this by treating the table as a child of the paragraph. 

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