Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Fred L. Drake wrote:
>   I'm getting the impression here that there's some confusion about
> terminology; David's descriptions appear to indicate that he wants
> as *children* of paragraphs, which the DTDs I've seen don't allow. 
> *sibling* relationship is there; tables can follow paragraphs and 
> paragraphs can follow tables, in any combination.  Table cells can
> paragraphs as children.

<standing, bowing, kicking myself in the butt with both feet, then
wondering if this might not be counterproductive for rejuvenating
short-circuited synapses> You're right. My terminology is screwed up. I
mean children. Thank you.

>   I don't see any reason to allow tables as children of paragraphs; 
> sibling relationships should suffice.

I believe that tables and lists can logically be children of a

David Perrell