Re: Combined DTD - 3.2 + CSS1?

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, MegaZone wrote:

> Seeing as HTML 3.2 and CSS1 are both final W3C Recommendations is
> there a chance of seeing a '3.3' which is just 3.2 with CSS1
> rolled in?  It wouldn't introduct anything new, just collate the
> two existing standards. 

> It would make life easier for those of us trying to push
> standardization and the use of CSS over browser hacks - being able
> to point at an 'official' DTD is very useful.  I could make some
> time and do it myself, but that wouldn't have any weight. 

W3C is hard at work to produce a draft recommendation for the next
version of HTML that does support CSS. See:


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