Re: CSS positioning (Re: colours for bullets)

Douglas Rand wrote:
> I think the entire problem here is the one Gavin alluded to.  The
> document structure and the rendering do not have to be one to one
> related.  For example,  I definitely format floating tables the way
> you've described,  but the document structure still has a para,  a
> (not contained in the para) and some following text.  That's the
> document structure.  The rendering structure has a para with a
> element pointer in it and the table is held separately.  The two just
> aren't related.  And in fact I have a current "bug" because the
> table forces a paragraph break.

When you put the table inside the paragraph and float it, N and IE
treat it the same as an IMG, except that it does not have intrinsic
dimensions. So it appears that the table is then structurally a sibling
of the paragraph. Which seems to me to be a reasonable relationship.

> What we could do is make a statement that floating elements force the
> user agent to act "as if" they hadn't been in the flow after all.  We
> could even codify where they float including the behavior where if
> they're first on the line they align with the top of the line,  and
> otherwise with the bottom of the line.  But it'll be a hack.


David Perrell