Re: CSS support update in Netscape4 Beta 3

At 06:25 AM 4/16/97 -0700, Mary wrote:
>All background image handling defaults to repeat both 
>directions. They don't have the repeat-x repeat-y or 
>image positioning working yet.

   I just tried this and 'background-repeat' values of repeat-x and
repeat-y do work (maybe you are on a different platforms and this 
behavior is divergent/buggy?) background-position does indeed not work

Try this example in NN4B3:
(Also note confirmation of Liam Quinn's comment about 'block-izing' 
inline styles)

div, span, ol { background-image:
                background-repeat: repeat-y }

text before
<div>This is an extensive division<br>of text with<br> many
text between

<span>This is an extensive span<br>of text with<br> many <br>breaks</span>
text between

text after


Thanks for all the comments,

-Brian 8-}

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