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>[David Siegel:]
>| Ahah. So maybe it happens that first paragraphs should have a
>| structural mark-up tag in HTML, one that is STANDARD? While this makes
>| perfect sense to typographers, I can see how it might take a while to
>| convince structuralists.
>What happens when you change your mind and insert a new first
>paragraph in front of the old first paragraph?

Actually, this is a really good question. Should such things be up to the
style sheet to decide how to present? I believe that the first paragraph in
a chapter or section (denoted by a heading) or recipe or play act, etc.,
needs to have its own display rules. To me, this is structural, but maybe
it's really all presentation. 
	There is, however, an example that I think is structural. I often like to
start a chapter with a special treatment to get it going -- make it look
special. Some people use small caps along the entire first line of a first
paragraph in a chapter. I think this is boorish and overbearing, especially
if the first line ends in a hyphenated word or something awkward like that.
Instead, I like to use small caps on the first "phrase," where the phrase
is something I, as the author or publisher, have to decide. To illustrate:

THESE WERE DARK DAYS, thought Lewis Levine, as he strode through the
wind-swept streets of Minsk on the day before his daughter's wedding. 

Wouldn't that be a structural thing?

I am glad I got people going on this topic anyway. Thanks for the
stimulating conversation.

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