Re: CSS support update in Netscape4 Beta 3

On 16 Apr 97 at 2:26, Bloo!!! 8-} wrote:

>      - If box properties (like padding) are applied to an element it tends 
>        to make the element behave like a block element and put linebreaks 
>        before and after - even inline elements.

I've found this even without box properties.  If you're using 
Netscape 4.0b2 or 4.0b3, see 
<http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/css/style-html.html> for an 
example of true "beta" support.  All inline elements are treated as 
block elements, AFAICT, if they have *any* style rules associated 
with them.  Explicitly setting { display: inline } causes text to 
overlap and disappear.

And styled pages are still completely inaccessible if JavaScript is 
turned off :(

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