Re: indents

Steve Knoblock wrote:
> In direct answer to David's proposal, I don't think structure should make
> typographical sense. Whatever solution is found for typographers to
> decorate their paragraphs, it will have to be outside of structure.

I think that you missed the point of my last message: the fact that a
paragraph is the first one in a series *is structure*. There is no more
need for it to be tagged specially. It is intrinsically special.

> Hmm...that p:initial pseudo-class is starting to look better and better...

Right. DSSSL already does this, of course, but most lesser stylesheet
languages (other than CSS) allow it also. It is fairly basic. For
instance the first list item is also often distinct. That's why no new
tag is needed, and why you shouldn't really even have to use

 Paul Prescod