Re: indents

nemo/Joel N. Weber II wrote:
> It's not clear to me exactly what the definition of a first paragraph
> is.
> For example, in the following sample, which paragraphs are first paragraphs?

That depends on your stylesheet, if you are using a flexible stylesheet
language (like DSSSL) or the stylesheet language, if you are using a
fixed language like CSS.
> *1*<P>This is one paragraph.  It comes before a heading</P>
> <H1>This is a heading</H1>
> *2*<P>Here's another paragraph</P>
> <P>OK, that's enough paragraphs.  I've very tired these days...</P>
> </BODY></HTML>

*1* is a first-paragraph-in-element
*2* is a first-paragraph-in-sequence

 Paul Prescod