Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Scott E. Preece writes:
 > Can someone comment on the history/rationale that led to FONT having
 > such a limited content model?  Why can't it be wrapped around
 > essentially anything?

Scott, basically, <FONT> is a special case of <SPAN> with implied
style.  <SPAN> designates a stream of characters, and since SGML
doesn't allow elements that overlap (no <A><B></A></B>), if <SPAN>
were to include everything, then serious problems would arise.  Think
about this -- if eny element were allowed in <FONT>, then you could

<P>This is <FONT><H1>a title</H1> <P>and a new paragraph</P></FONT>
inside a paragraph.</P>

something undesirable.

Any other comments on this?  With style sheets, <FONT> really becomes
syntatic sugar for <SPAN STYLE="...">
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