Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Paul Prescod wrote:
> I am still not convinced, however, that the browsers interpret it as
> there were no paragraph break. Otherwise, why don't they put they
> the table the way they would an image, with text on both sides? No
> matter how small the table is, it goes to its own line, as if it were
> figure in a book.

I don't know what the intentions are, but MSIE's behavior indicates the
table can be a sibling of the paragraph. Declare the style

  P   { color: blue }

then follow a paragraph with a table. If there is a </P> before
<TABLE>, the content of the table is black. If there is no </P>, the
content of the table is blue.

How this behavior would be specified in a DTD is beyond me. I don't
even know how IAlign describes how text should flow around images.

David Perrell