Re: indents

[David Siegel:]

| Ahah. So maybe it happens that first paragraphs should have a
| structural mark-up tag in HTML, one that is STANDARD? While this makes
| perfect sense to typographers, I can see how it might take a while to
| convince structuralists.

What happens when you change your mind and insert a new first
paragraph in front of the old first paragraph?

What happens when you paste the document into the middle of some other

How do you accomplish such changes if they are done as dynamic
modifications to the image in memory of something that was published
on a CD or that resides on a site that is not under your control?

Why do you want to manually add information to the paragraph when the
fact it conveys is evident on inspection?

(Note that these questions apply equally well to the case where the
information is added by means of an attribute.)