Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Paul Prescod wrote:
> No, the structure of existing documents *would* change, not would
> to change. The current definition says that the table is outside of
> paragraph. The new definition would say that the table is within the
> paragraph. Someone would have to do a survey of browsers to see which
> support the correct behaviour and which support your proposed
> wrong) behaviour. Another option would be an <inline> element that
> allowed you to embed block objects (like tables) in paragraphs
> ending the implied paragraph. By default, then, the behaviour of
> would not change.

An inline element such as Object?

Currently, it's legal to put a table outside of a paragraph but not to
float one inside. If the spec were changed to conform to the 'bug' in
IE and N, tables could still be forced outside the paragraph with a
closing tag, but could also be floated inside so the paragraph could
wrap around the table.

The cost of the spec change would be that authors who hoped their
tables would get a full paragraph space between a table and a preceding
paragraph without a closing tag would be disappointed to learn their
tables would continue to be seen by most viewers with only a simple
line break as separation.

David Perrell