Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

David Perrell wrote:
> IE and N handle this by not closing an open <P> when they encounter a
> <TABLE>. By specifically allowing TABLE in P, wouldn't this be implicit
> behavior?

That is a bug, pure and simple.
> So why do you believe that the structure of existing documents
> would need to be changed if this behavior were formalized?

No, the structure of existing documents *would* change, not would need
to change. The current definition says that the table is outside of the
paragraph. The new definition would say that the table is within the
paragraph. Someone would have to do a survey of browsers to see which
support the correct behaviour and which support your proposed (currently
wrong) behaviour. Another option would be an <inline> element that
allowed you to embed block objects (like tables) in paragraphs without
ending the implied paragraph. By default, then, the behaviour of tables
would not change.

 Paul Prescod