Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Douglas Rand wrote:
> Two things.  I think it'd be good to explicitly allow it for tables
> align=left or align=right (or apropriate CSS properties).

I'd be happy if it could be agreed that since a 'float'ed element is
"outside the normal flow of elements" then it follows that the opening
tag of the floated element does not explicitly close a paragraph. The
limitation on nested tables then disappears.

> <P>Now is the time to look at a list:
> <OL>
> <LI>Item 1
> <LI>Item 2
> </OL>
> More text
> Should result in a P, an OL then an implied paragraph to hold "More
> text"

IE and N treat this markup as you suggest and insert a paragraph break
after "at a list:" and before "More text". But with this markup:

  <P>Now is the time to look at a table:
  <TR><TD>Item 1
  More text

there is no paragraph break either before or after the table, only a
line break.

David Perrell