Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

QingLong wrote:
>    I think the same is with many other block elements (e.g. lists), isn't it?
>  Maybe it's worth allowing division (<div>) inclusion into paragraphs,
>  and wrap other block elements into <div></div> to include them into <p></p>?

Two things.  I think it'd be good to explicitly allow it for tables with
align=left or align=right (or apropriate CSS properties).  But I'm
against doing this in general as it is a confusion between the structure
of the document and the rendered output using a style sheet.  For

<P>Now is the time to look at a list:
<LI>Item 1
<LI>Item 2
More text

Should result in a P, an OL then an implied paragraph to hold "More
text",  otherwise you start requiring </P> which isn't backward
compatible with the way HTML is used.  That is,  the </P> is needed to
distinguish when <OL> is or is not part of the paragraph.

But a CSS rule:

OL.outofline { float: left }

if you make the OL: <OL CLASS="outofline">, would get you most of what
you want.  We could even define that if this happened,  that the same
paragraph wouldn't be broken in the rendered output, in which case your
DIV semantics come for free, but structurally you'd still have something

I'd also be somewhat uncomfortable with using <DIV> in that way.  If we
really want to express what you're describing structurally,  we could
create a new element <BOX> which has that characteristic.  Or maybe it
needn't be done in HTML at all,  just use XML,  with a more
straightforward set of semantics.

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