Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

David Perrell wrote:
> It is often the case that paragraph text references a table, and that
> the only way to insure the table appears with the text is to nest the
> table within the paragraph and align (or float) it left or right so
> that the paragraph text flows around the table both above and below. By
> not allowing tables in paragraphs, the 3.2 spec demands hokey
> workarounds to 'legally' get a table nested that way.
> This seems an unnecessary limitation that needs to be eliminated.
   I think the same is with many other block elements (e.g. lists), isn't it?
 Maybe it's worth allowing division (<div>) inclusion into paragraphs,
 and wrap other block elements into <div></div> to include them into <p></p>?

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