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On 15 Apr 97 at 10:14, Simone Demmel wrote:

> Christopher Kho wrote:
> > For leaner code? I would still like to see <LI COLOR> anyway, along with the
> > style sheet implementation so both can be used.
> In this case you must do it completely right and define:
> <LI COLOR="#" SIZE=""> or alternatively use images instead of Bullets:
> <LI img=""> or <LI src="pic.gif" alt=""..> and so on...

Don't forget about BACKGROUND and BGCOLOR and FONTFACE and 

<LI COLOR="#rrggbb" SIZE=xx-large 
BACKGROUND="http://www.htmlhelp.com/foo.gif" BGCOLOR="#rrggbb" 
FONTFACE="'New Century Schoolbook', Times, serif" FONTSTYLE=italic 

Now repeat that for each LI over an entire site of a few hundred 
documents.  Then think about what happens when you decide a different 
colour would have been better.  Then try to remember why style sheets 
didn't seem incredibly easier and more flexible.

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