Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

On 14 Apr 97 at 21:44, Gordon Blackstock wrote:

> > > <ol>
> > > <li></li> A style sheet is composed of rules, i.e., p { color: Indigo;
> > > text-indent: 18pt;}.
> > 
> > This is invalid code.  You cannot have text within an OL outside of 
> > a LI.  You can't predict what a browser will do with invalid code.
> After reading and re-reading the HTML 3.2 section on ordered lists I can
> find nothing which indicates that closing an LI element is invalid; it's
> optional, but not invalid.

Of course it's not.  But having text inside an OL that is not 
contained in a LI is invalid.  Either see the HTML 3.2 DTD, or if you 
don't like reading DTDs, see 

> The general statement on lists allows for both
> block and text level items; only headings and addresses are excluded.

"OL ordered (i.e. numbered) lists
"These require start and end tags, and contain one or more LI 
elements representing individual list items."

No mention of being able to contain anything but LIs.  You can also 
try a validator like WebTechs if you don't believe me or any of the 
above URLs.

> > > The placement I'm using is
> > > within a pair of paragraph elements, but NN falls back to the body
> margins
> > > for list placement.
> > 
> > It should.  <P>Foo<OL> contains an implicit </P> before the <OL>.  
> > MSIE doesn't understand this, but it's true.  (This MSIE bug makes it 
> > hard to apply a style sheet to documents in which all <P>'s and 
> > </P>'s have not been explicitly included, since inconsistent 
> > margins often result.)
> As a block level element, the paragraph element may contain other block
> level elements (HTML 3.2 "Block and Text level elements") with the
> exception of headings and addresses.

Where are you getting this?  You must be thinking of LI, which can 
contain other block-level elements with the exception of headings and 
addresses.  Paragraphs cannot contain any block-level elements.  
Again, see the DTD or 

> With the advent of CSS, and its
> inheritance, browsers need to pay more attention to explicit closure of
> block level elements (required or not). 

Yes they do.  Browsers need to render documents the same whether 
or not optional closing tags are left off.  MSIE doesn't do this, but 
it should.
> In this instance MSIE has done the correct thing.

No, it hasn't.

> The block level OL, which
> is contained within the block level P, inherits style properties that
> haven't been altered via subsequent styles. 

Since a P cannot contain an OL, this argument is wrong.

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