Re: indents

Greg Kostello wrote:
> Thanks for all the examples. I'm afraid my knowledge of DSSSL is
> extremely limited (I read a DSSSL-lite proposal a long time ago)

May I suggest my tutorial:
http://itrc.uwaterloo.ca/~papresco/dsssl/tutorial.html . It only
describes a subset, but should start to show some of the power of DSSSL.

> Are you suggesting that browser vendors adopt DSSSL (or some
> derivative), as well as implement CSS?  Certainly there is nothing that
> precludes any vendor from inplementing both style systems, but I thought
> that war had been waged and CSS won. You are welcome to disagree :).

CSS was the logical first choice for a stylesheet language, just as HTML
was the logical first choice for a markup language. And they will both
continue to be popular and important into the future. But neither is
suitable for professional publishing on the Web. This is the goal of the
XML project. It consists of three parts: the XML markup language, the
XML hyperlinking model and the XML style sheet language (a subset of
 Paul Prescod