Re: indents

no problem. I have to agree that there are a large number of stylistic
themes people will want to apply. End paragraphs are one. It would be nice
(and very book-like) to specify an end of paragraph marker in the
stylesheet without having to place another element in HTML. You example is
complex enough to require sub-classes for presentation alone, which does
confuse the issue a bit. We can get to a initial para and end para and
normal para without stretching the idea of "extending" the HTML elements.
But for styles not really related to content like your two following
paragraphs (unless they have some special meaning) some other method may be
necessary. Id would be a correct way, but very tedious to mark each
paragraph. Not to mention wasting space, so people will use a subclass for
presentation. Maybe a pattern pseudo classes will solve it.

There are so many limitations as things are. It can be hard to retain the
sense of markup and still present things the way you want. I had to resort
to H1 and H2 for two parts of a title to get margin-top to work properly.
Not sure what lynx readers will think of that. Then again maybe it does
make sense.


At 05:36 PM 4/14/97 +0000, David Perrell wrote:
>Steve Knoblock wrote:
>> I am not deaf.
>I didn't mean to shout, Steve, and I'm sorry it appeared so. That email
>was supposed show an initial paragraph followed by an all-cap subhead

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