Re: indents

>Thanks for all the examples. I'm afraid my knowledge of DSSSL is
>extremely limited (I read a DSSSL-lite proposal a long time ago)
>although your examples seems pretty straight forward. My intention was
>NOT to re-invent the wheel. My comments were in the context of extending
>CSS, not on using another style system.

DSSSL is straightforward once you understand the concepts and issues

>Are you suggesting that browser vendors adopt DSSSL (or some
>derivative), as well as implement CSS?  Certainly there is nothing that
>precludes any vendor from inplementing both style systems, but I thought
>that war had been waged and CSS won. You are welcome to disagree :).

Count me in as disagreeing. CSS is fine *for the moment*, but in the
long term, the model is insufficient.

>For now anyway, CSS has been adopted by MS and NS, so I can envision
>that both will want to extend CSS for future needs. 

Yes, and they will, which is the downfall. The war has moved from
markup, to stylesheet languages. If people adopted DSSSL, the war
would be over... which can be nothing but good for everyone in the
long term.