Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

On 14 Apr 97 at 18:22, Gordon Blackstock wrote:

> I currently use this in one of my external style sheets:
> ol    { color: IndianRed; }    /* specify text color */
> li    { color: Orange; }         /* specify bullet color */
> The following code gives Orange markers and IndianRed text.
> <ol>
> <li></li> A style sheet is composed of rules, i.e., p { color: Indigo;
> text-indent: 18pt;}.

This is invalid code.  You cannot have text within an OL outside of 
a LI.  You can't predict what a browser will do with invalid code.

> BTW, this works in IE3.02 and in NN4.0b3.

What about the other 750 (or so) browsers?

> The exception is that the NN beta
> does not implement inheritance very well yet!

Navigator 4.0b3 does not implement much of anything very well when it 
comes to CSS.  (Has anyone found a way to get Navigator 4.0b3 to 
understand that not all styled elements are block-level?  Explicitly 
setting { display: inline } causes lines to overlap and disappear.)

> The placement I'm using is
> within a pair of paragraph elements, but NN falls back to the body margins
> for list placement.

It should.  <P>Foo<OL> contains an implicit </P> before the <OL>.  
MSIE doesn't understand this, but it's true.  (This MSIE bug makes it 
hard to apply a style sheet to documents in which all <P>'s and 
</P>'s have not been explicitly included, since inconsistent 
margins often result.)

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