Re: indents

Steve Knoblock wrote:
> I am not deaf.

I didn't mean to shout, Steve, and I'm sorry it appeared so. That email
was supposed show an initial paragraph followed by an all-cap subhead
followed by an initial paragraph followed by two more (indented)

It would be nice if there were some way to specify exceptions to an
element's style based on what type of element precedes that element.
Then an indent or other exception could be specified on any <P> element
that follows another <P> element. But that would require new syntax. It
seems to me the specific case of "first of one or more consecutive
elements" could be easily handled with an 'initial' pseudo-element.
Thus you could specify first-element property exceptions throughout a
document with "P:initial" and still use "P.initial" as an explicit
subclass with other properties.

David Perrell