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Dave Raggett wrote:

> re: capability to distinguish the first para in a sequence.
> I concur with you on this. I have long fought for just this
> capability, only to have it postponed ...
> Of course there are different ways to implement this, e.g.
> as a psuedo-property for the first para or in terms of a counter
> as in DSSSL. Now that work is starting again on CSS extensions
> lets have another go at this.
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Defining the stylist behavior for the first paragraph following a
headline fulfills a much desired need. Although, IMHO it doesn't go far
enough. Typically, the first and last paragraphs in a story may get
special treatment, such as different indentation on the first paragraph
and perhaps a decorative rule (not inline) for the last paragraph. A
different style sheet may produce an altogether different look. Still,
that may not be sufficient. For example, suppose you want to describe
every other paragraph as having some special stylistic treatment (say a
background shade of gray). I think we need a way of specifying style as
applying to a pattern in a sequence of elements. Opinions?

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