Re: indents

I am not deaf. Indents do have no structural meaning. And likely have no
place in a content markup language. They are presentation, which can mark a
significant break in paragraphs. My initial paragraphs do have a meaning,
they are paragraphs intended as an overview of the following paragraphs. So
I create and element <p class=initial> so I may have the opportunity to
mark them by separate presentation or search for them if we ever have an
intelligent search engine. In the same way I might create a <p
class=notice> element (because that is what sub classing does) to mark a
paragraph containing important information. I am not interested in indents
in HTML. My headings are mostly negative indented but that has nothing to
do with their meaning. I do not care whether I indent my paragraphs or
paint them red, I want them marked for their content so I may search for or
present them like any other interesting element


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