personal stylesheets and 4.0 browsers (fwd)

Once upon a time Todd Fahrner shaped the electrons to say...
>not "get" stylesheets. I am referring to the absence of any mechanism to
>select a personal style sheet in the 4.0 preview releases of both Netscape
>and IE. Instead, we still see the "appearance" dialog as a weak editor for

I can't speak for NS, but yesterday at the CSS panel at WWW6 the MS rep
said that that WILL be in the release, they just haven't full implemented
CSS yet and that is one of the things still being worked on.

Also, there is a way to assign a user style sheet in MSIE 3.x - you have
to edit a registry entry.  They didn't implement the UI to do it in the
browser since it was a partial system anyway.

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