indents (fwd)

Once upon a time David Siegel shaped the electrons to say...
>I want to call your attention to the fact that there is no way to denote a
>first-paragraph using HTML markup, and this makes it very difficult to do

Yet.  With the Document Object Model WG we'll have programatic ways to
address each HTML/XML element - so you will be able to call out the first
paragraph, etc.

Whether with scripting and CSS, or DSSSL, or something else we haven't
done yet.

>the HTML and Style groups aren't thinking about, but they all too rarely
>ask designers what they want. We chime in now and again, but it's difficult

I don't consider it the job of the W3C to go around and ask everyone and 
their duck what the want.  We're adults, we have the ability to speak/type/
communicate in some manner.  Over the years I've found the W3C reps are
VERY receptive to intelligent input, on the lists or in person - such as
the past week at WWW6.

If someone has a desire to see something I don't think it at all 
unreasonable for them to learn a bit about syntax and make an intelligent
proposal.  It need not be perfect the first time, but enough to make 
the point and form a foundation.

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