Re: personal stylesheets and 4.0 browsers

Todd Fahrner <todd@verso.com> writes:

> It is possible to build and ship a 100%-CSS-conformant browser and still
> not "get" stylesheets. I am referring to the absence of any mechanism to
> select a personal style sheet in the 4.0 preview releases of both
> Netscape and IE. Instead, we still see the "appearance" dialog as a weak
> editor for the UA default stylesheet, which we all know is dangerously
> ugly - dangerous because it encourages bad markup (like blockquote to
> produce a margin).

  Well, Emacs/W3 has been able to do this for a long _long_ time.  I could
up its version # to 4.0 if you'd like.  :)

-Bill P.

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