Re: indents

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Todd Fahrner wrote:
> At 9:02 AM -0500 4/10/97, Chris Josephes wrote:
> > While it probably isn't going to be more efficient than a DIV tage, why
> > not try this....
> >
> > <p class=firstpar>This is the first paragraph
> > </p>
> >
> > <p>This is the second paragraph
> > </p>
> >
> > And then throw in the necessary styles to differentiate the two.
> I think that's the problem - you can't apply a style sheet to existing
> (orthodox) HTML to produce this commonly-desired rendering. You have to
> resort to markup. A lot hinges on this - very few people use the H1
> element, for instance, because in order to differentiate six levels of
> heirarchy beneath it when even simple paragraphs are separated with a whole
> blank line, you have to make H1 frighteningly huge. It gets worse from
> there.

There is the disadvantage of having to edit the HTML in my example, but
then again if you're just now creating the stylesheet, the HTML would need
to be edited anyways.  (Okay, so maybe that isn't much of an arguement).

> What we need is a P:initial pseudoclass.

A pseudo-class would solve this problem without editing the HTML, but it
could lead to a lot of "I want a pseudo-class for this" arguements.  But
then again, first-paragraph does seem to go along with first-letter and

For headers, I've actually changed colors to differentiate hierarchy
(http://www.visi.com/~cpj1/).  (I'm not sure if it's a NS4p3 problem or a
problem with my stylesheet syntax, but my fontface properties aren't being

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