Re: Test document

I don't know about any test docs posted (I have a ton of my own but not
very systematic), but having just had to rush to press with a chapter on
CSS in our forthcoming book on HTML for Netscape 4.0, I can point out
for anyone compiling such a list that there are conflicts with CSS and
JSS terminology in Netscape PR3. Using certain class names provokes a
JavaScript error on a CSS style sheet. This also happens with any
attempt to use pseudo-elements. Has anyone else noticed this or figured
a way around it?
Gayle Kidder
Christian Perrier wrote:
> As Communicator beta 3 as well as IE 4.0 first beta both seem to be >out or near to be out, I plan to test their CSS support....
> I remember people in this list having conducted several tests on CSS
> support. Does a "complete" test document exist somewhere (ie a document
> containing all or nearly all CSS possibilities.....)?