At WWW6 in Santa Clara next week there will be two CSS events:

On Tuesday (4/8/97, 2:45PM in the Santa Clara Convention Center
Theater) there will be a CSS presentation [1] in the W3C track:

 "On the Web, content providers do not have the control they have in
  print media over color, text indentation, positioning, and other
  aspects of style. A style sheet language offers a powerful and
  manageable way for authors, designers and typographers to create the
  rich visual effects. In December 1996, Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
  (CSS1) became a W3C Recommendation. This core specification is being
  built upon to also support absolute positioning and layering, aural
  presentation (using a speech synthesizer), improved font capabilities,
  and better printed output."

[1] http://ice.www6conf.org/cgi-bin/ice.pl?x-a=v&x-id=2172

On Developer's Day (4/11/97, 4PM, room 209 & 210) there will be panel
called "CSS: Style, Performance, Accessibility" [2]. Participants

    Chris Wilson, Microsoft 
    T V Raman, Adobe 
    Robert Stevahn, HP
    Chris Lilley, W3C
    Hkon Lie, W3C

[2] http://ice.www6conf.org/cgi-bin/ice.pl?x-a=v&x-id=2931

Hope to see many of you there.


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