Re: Dynamic imagemaps

Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> Hey, I just thought of another twist:  VRML imagemaps (i.e., 3D
> Is there anything set up for that? Should there be?

The UA window should be a 3-space viewport, with the default 2D plane
being the view plane bounded by the corners of the window. Any object
could have a clickable map, with either two or three dimensions. The
clickable area is projected onto the view plane, and changes with
viewpoint. Any 2D object can be translated into 3-space, so you should
be able to hang a clickable 2D image on a 3D object without combining
the two into a single file. For that matter, a web document should be
able to place objects in 3-space, then map parts of the document onto
the objects.

The entire GUI should be 3-space, with the 'desktop' just another
virtual object.

David Perrell