Re: any ideas for slashed zero's

On Mar 4,  2:46pm, Carl Morris wrote:
>  I would like to put the slashes in the zero's
> amateurs commonly use.  However most fonts on the PC don't include a
> slash, not to mention that would limit me to a particular font.


>  I have
> thought about using CSS to backup and place the slash over the zero,
> not sure that is a great idea though.

Nope. You could use U+0337 "combining short solidus overlay" which is
a non-spacing diacritical mark (ie it puts a slash through the letter
it is next to)

> I was wondering if any future
> font specification was going to address this.

Selection of specific glyphs is a known issue. ther ei s the famous Adobe
Poetical font with 57 different ampersands.

> Then maybe I could use
> something like &szero; in HTML,

There isn't a single 'zero with slash' character in unicode, i just
looked. Of course the entity could be declared as zero followed by

> I also kinda wonder what happened to the FONT stuff we all heard so
> much about a year ago.

It's sitting there being cooked up. Although it wasn't a year ago,
more like 9 months. The major outstanding issue is protection of IPR,
which needs some fairly intricate solutions.

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