Re: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

my only concern is with re-ordering entries in a list. That to me comes
close to changing the content.

If I have a list

If it automatically renders,


that is close to changing content or at least the meaning.

Not so much that it greatly bothers me though.

Since the TOC is generally created from headings, I have no problem with
automatically creating it.


>How do you figure that automatic generation of a table of contents, index,
>or index of figures at an author chosen location changes the semantics of
>the document? Does automatic generation of list bullets change the semantics?
>How about the text for references? In my mind, anything that is non-creative
>and can be done completely by the computer *should be*. And at the last 
>possible point. Why ship a TOC or list bullet over the web when it can be
>generated automatically?
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