RE: Dealing with form elements...

Chris Wilson writes:
>I don't see exactly why this is beyond the realm of CSS (obviously beyond
>CSS1, but not necessarily CSS2, e.g.).  It's purely a declarative
>mechanism, and pretty easy to drop into both the syntax and (in our case
>at least) the implementation.  

  another tuesday brain misfire chris.  I said _CSS1_. :) And by the way -
answer your phone. :)

>Forcing DSSSL on content authors and Web tool implementers who are
>resistant even to the simplicity of CSS is just probably not going to

  Hence the throwing CSS through a converter.  I meant this to mean
internally Emacs-W3 would convert CSS declarations into a DSSSL equivalent.
The user and the author wouldn't have to know the difference between DSSSL
and a hole in the wall.

-Bill P.