Re: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

>> It's a mistake to put DSSSL into the same bag as scripting languages.
>> Yes, DSSSL is turing-complete; yes, it's a programming language.  But
>> a script language (at least the way I use the term) is procedural;
>> DSSSL very definitely is not.  DSSSL is entirely functional and
>> entirely side-effect-free.  Nothing ever happens in a DSSSL
>> stylesheet.  The stylesheet is one giant function whose value is an
>> abstract, device-independent, nonprocedural description of the
>> formatted document that gets fed as a specification (a declaration, if
>> you will) of display areas to downstream rendering processes.
>Jon, what an excellent and concise overview. Would you give permission
>for a (duly attributed) quote on the W3C Style page.

There is a very interesting report at DEC (maybe 33 or 36) that talks
about building a word processor built using a functional language
(same langauge for markup and formatting, but nevertheless). This 
report was written around '86 from memory, and reasonable performance 
was achieved then...