RE: Dealing with form elements...

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Bjorn E. Backlund wrote:

> Sample rules we use:
> 	border: beveled;
> 	background-internal: white;
> 	margin: 2pt;
> 	font-family: monospace;
> 	text-align: left;
> }

I don't really like that solution.  To use it, I'd have to treat <input> 
as if it where <input-text>; and what if someday there's an <input-text> 
tag?  I think this is exactly what psuedoclasses are for, so I think I'll 
go with William Perry's solution.

(I'm not sure if <input-text> is even a valid tag, because it might be 
the case that dashes aren't allowed; but if dashes aren't allowed in 
tags, then I assume they shouldn't be allowed in CSS1, so in that case 
you'd be changing the syntax recognized by the CSS1 parser.)

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