Re: [Q] Shouldn't margin-bottom...?

On Feb 4, 12:26am, Dan Delaney wrote:

>    Shouldn't this Style Sheet make it so that Paragraphs do NOT have space
> between them and have the first line indented?

Yes, subject to margin-top not being particularly large.

> P {text-indent:15; margin-bottom:0}
>    Is that not correct or does MSIE just not implement CSS correctly?

The latter. To be more specific, MSIE 3.0 is not a full CSS1 implementation.
Obviously I can't say what any release > 3.01 will do.

> MSIE also doesn't seem to recognize
> "text-indent:3em". Instead it just indents it 3 pixels! Am I missing
> something here?

No, your example is correct and a conforming implementation will do as
you say. Note that the definition of a conforming implementation was
only published on 17 Dec 1996. Expect implementations to become
conforming in due course.

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