Re: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

On Feb 4, 12:03am, Steve Knoblock wrote:

> [Jon Bosak wrote]
> >These aren't contrived or artificial examples; they're dirt-normal
> >commercial publishing.  Without programming, you can't handle even the
> >last one.
> I agree they are real tasks in publishing. But should they be generated as
> they are rendered or as they are authored? Should a style language be
> generating or manipulating content?

Good point, although recall that DSSSL is not D-S-L and thus yes, in
this case, it can manipulate content. That is (one of) the things it
was designed for.

But yes, whether the content is generated server-side or at the client
is an interesting question. I can see DSSSL being used server-side to
generate HTML content, for example.

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