Re: New Working Draft: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets

On Jan 31,  4:49pm, Jim King wrote:

> I like it a lot.  This gives me the all the abilities I was looking for in
> CSS1 about a month ago, althouh it would be nice to be able to do quality
> subscripting and superscripting using 'vertical-align'.
> A couple of comments after looking at it briefly:
> 1) You never define what units are available.  I'd suggest allowing all
> units available in 6.1 and 6.2 of the CSS spec:

Right. The draft does say it is extending the CSS1 spec (by providing new
properties) hence all the units available in CSS1 are still available.

> I don't think this can be assumed, given that some of the CSS
> spec elements don't support all of them,

can you give an example of what you mean? Is this an ambiguity in the
CSS1 spec, the positioning spec, or both?

> 2)Is there a particular reason that you can't make the line-height take
> relative positioning into account?  If I have an image that forces the
> line-height larger, then I subscript that image using {position:
> relative...}, that will leave a large amount of white space above the image
> and overlap the bottom.  While I can see the power of having the line-height
> NOT adjust, it would be good to have the option.

Good question. Could you come up with a quick example that illustrates this,
which I can forward to the document authors?

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