Re: Style sheet misuse advice

| From: John Pozadzides <john@htmlhelp.com>
| Subject: Re: Style sheet misuse advice
| Date: Tuesday, January 28, 1997 2:07 AM
| Greetings all.
| The main question is:
| If one were to set Text and Link colors using a
| style sheet, should one also define the background
| colors for these elements as well?

Since there is no practical way to know in advance, or at the time of
rendering, what the default settings of a browser may have been changed to
by a viewer, then it makes good sense to specify all colors if any are to
be changed by a document.  Without this precaution it is possible (it's
happened to me) that portions of the document can be invisible to the
viewer.  I would agree with Urban F. and go even further by adding that the
design is incomplete without all color bases covered.  

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