Re: Final CSS Logo Selection

Sally Khudairi wrote:

> During the process of moving CSS1 to a W3C Recommendation this past
> December, Hakon asked if I, as "Keeper of the Public Image", would
> the final logo for CSS. I'd been tracking the developments at
> http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Style/css/logo and the mailing list for a
> while and knew that although this would be a very difficult decision
> make, it would be a critical one which would establish the
> of CSS. After weeks of debate and indecision, I am pleased to
> that my choice is option "b" from David Siegel/Studio Verso's design
> [Suite 11]. Although the design is still in comp form, we will be
> quickly to finalize the logo for its use in the very near future.

With all due respect for David Seigel's design expertise and close
association with the ERB, I find the choice of this eleventh-hour
'sketch' submission a bit disturbing. As I recall, the unanimous
consensus among those who commented on this list was that Suite 1 best
represented the concept of style. I fail to perceive the relevance of
the chosen design, reminding me as it does of a recent Nicoderm
commercial wherein smokers are encouraged to "gradually step down".

In any case, I'm unlikely to use this logo on any of my pages.

David Perrell