re: CSS1 extension: container/noncontainer property

[Daniel M. German:]

| Jon Bosak wrote:
| | 7. EMPTY tags (like the IMG and BR tags in HTML) use the special tag
| | close delimiter "/>".  Thus, if you want to use an EMPTY tag named FOO
| | in your document, you represent it as <FOO/> (plus any attributes, of
| | course).  This is how the parser distinguishes between what you called
| | "container" and "non-container" in your original post.
| This does not appear to be proper SGML.

Appearances can be deceiving.  :-)

|  I assume that an element of such type will have a content declaration
| like:
| Looking into the documentation, I can see the definition of the null
| end tag as "/>". Is this why <BR/> is allowed? Clever!

Give that man a seegar!  Exactly right.  This is what is known
technically as a Stupid NET Trick.  It's perfectly legal SGML given
the right declaration.

| Furthermore, where can I download the a file with the SGML
| declaration, Mr. Bosak?

A version of the declaration is embedded in the current XML draft.
Unfortunately, a bout of late-night confusion on my part resulted in
the wrong version being put in the draft.  The next draft, which
should be out Real Soon Now, will contain the correct SGML