Re: style sheets with ancient browsers

since MSIE 3.0 was released without any other way but <link> to apply a
single style sheet to many pages, early adopters need a solution like this
for backward compatibility. I endorse this proposal and way of interpreting
rel=stylesheet as being applied automatically. I would expect that if a
<style> section was present that it would take precedence over such a link.

On the other hand, when we do finally have @import implemented widely most
people will want to use that instead of <link>. The cascade of multiple
imported styles should be more workable than one big stylesheet from my
experience. An example is where you want each document to have a distinct
style of its own contained in a <style> section but need to have a site-wide
navigation aid (say a table of links) on every page. You really need the
imported cascade for this IMHO.



>Right. Since WD-style [2] is still a working draft, there is still
>some time to discuss this. Many people think LINKed style sheets
>should be applied automatically just like style sheets inside the
>STYLE element. Therefore, a new value on LINK's REL attribute has been
>This style sheet will not be applied automatically, but one with
>REL=STYLESHEET will. The proposal seems equivalent to your proposal:
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