Re: Aural Cascading Style Sheets

> <span altread="Here is a menu">[ choice1 | choice2]</span> ; ALTREAD
> beeing created for users who *do have* aural-oriented browsers (browsers which
> can be not-bitmap-oriented as well btw)

Surely this is better represented as:

<LI>choice 1
<LI>choice 2

and then defining something in the stylesheet to tell the browser to
render the menu "inline" rather than "displayed"?
I'm of the opinion that punctuation should ONLY have syntactic properties;
if you're using punctuation to lend semantics to something, then it should
be being marked up (that, in my reading of it, being more or less what
marking up is for).

Does this make sense, or have I overlooked something very obvious?


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