Re: Aural Cascading Style Sheets

> HTML is device independent and there is no need to integrate aural
> presentation into HTML. [...]

I really do know what is HTML, SGML and CSS1 :-) ...

Well, let see things in an other way :

take <img src="..." alt="..."> ; ALT was created for users who *do
not have* bitmap-oriented browsers (namely lynx).

When reading ACCS, I found 1/ that Chris seems to suggest that some
stuff addressed in ACCS (like speak-date) should not be in fact in 
the CSS, and 2/ that speak-punctuation does not address the problem
of punctuation having a semantic meaning ("[ choice1 | choice2 ]" for
instance). Thus I thought that an attribute for span might be
useful :

<span altread="Here is a menu">[ choice1 | choice2]</span> ; ALTREAD
beeing created for users who *do have* aural-oriented browsers (browsers which
can be not-bitmap-oriented as well btw)

Isn't this sensible ?

If we do not want to put such a functionnality into HTML (which is
sensible as well), I do not see how to put it in the speack punctuation
property. The following could be an idea :

value: code | altread | none
initial: none
Applies to: all elements but altread which applies only for span
inherited: yes /* but what does mean inherited for altread which applies
		only for SPAN ? */
percentage values: NA

code : see ACSS
none : see ACCS
altread : indicates that punctuation such as semicolons, braces a.s.o. have
a special meaning which cannot be rendered either by speaking them literally or
simply ignoring them. UA are encouraged to guess the special meaning (this
is out of the scope of ACSS specification) : "|" could be spoken "or", for
instance, "[foobar]" could be spoken "foobar is a bibliographic entry".

Am I the only one to think there is something missing in the property
speak-punctuation ?


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