Re: Aural Cascading Style Sheets

> I don't know enough about this subject to be making detailed
> suggestions, but when you start needing to add attributes to SPAN in
> order to differentiate one piece of content from another then it's
> time to start using XML [...]

I'm aware of this topic, but Chris wrote in ACSS : 

 5.8 speak-date
 This should really bean (sic) HTML tag not a stylesheet property, since it
 gives semantic information about the content.

thus I thought this could be a good idea to add new attributes as well,
which could then be introduced in a future HTML DTD, if HTML will
officially integrate aural presentation in some days.

Anyway, how the "<span altread=...>" idea is implemented doesn't
matter right now. I just wanted to raise the problem of punctuation
having a semantic meaning (and try to help the www process after more
than one year lurking www-style and www-html :) ).


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