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Charles Taylor (CTaylor@wposmtp.nps.navy.mil) types:
> ...
> but few know who originally did it.) I can't imagine a 
> designer looking at another's idea and not wanting to change 
> it a little.
> ...
> So, I think we should either decide on one logo soon (as in 
> before the upcoming year), or just make it an annual thing 
> to decide on a new logo for the upcoming year.

	Amen! Man, CSS isn't a consortium, or a company, or a software
product - it's just a format, for God's sake... I say just let people
use whatever logo they like. After all, HTML itself doesn't have a logo,
and look at all the HTML logos people are making and using out there...
some are actually not that bad. You don't see anyone arguing that an HTML
logo should be written in HTML, do you? ;)
	And how can you stop people from using other logos, anyway?
Nobody is seriously considering registering/trademarking a logo/caption,
are they? If there's no legal muscle behind it, then there's no harm in
being visually diverse - as long as CSS gets recognition, then the purpose
of the logo has been successful.
	I myself will probably be using the cheeky ones. :) And Verso's
#1 design, with some changes. :) And mine.

	-- Kevin

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